Time for Schlager Hits!

The beginning of the week is the best time to celebrate and sing along. Therefore every Monday's motto is "Popular Schlager Hits at the Ice Bar." We attract absolute top performers of the scene to Sölden especially for you - such as Isi Glück. Former Miss Germany not only convinced on the catwalk but has also conquered the hearts of many fans as a singer. She combines top hits such as "Das Leben ist ne Party" or "Homegirls" with popular songs that everyone knows. Even another beauty queen (Miss Germany), Carolina Noeding, can be admired live on stage here: in addition to her career as an actress she caused a sensation among the followers with her song "Inselkind". The third star of our Mallorca Connection is party artist HONK. He captures the audience with his tracks "Hallo Helmut" or "I bims", no matter if on the Island of Mallorca, YouTube or at our Katapult Ice Bar.